Every congress is a “unique event”.

Great congresses curated by us.

XXVI Congresso Associazione Nazionale Magistrati
(Salerno 2002)

Convegno di Capri dei Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria (Capri from 1999 to 2008)

Convention Mondiale delle Camere di Commercio Italiane all’Estero (Salerno 2002 and 2009)

XXI Congresso Nazionale dell’AINR Associazione Italiana di Neuroradiologia (Salerno 2005)

Tenth International Wheat Genetics Symposium (Paestum 2003)

Neurosymposium (Capri 2010)

Concorso recupero centro storico

Every congress is “a unique event”, the organization of which should not be improvised, but planned and personalized with competence and experience. Our internal resources are able to “closely” take care of every aspect, ensuring that content and exteriority, image and substance merge to give life to a great event.

Our services

Consultancy and planning with preliminary study of the budget and final analysis of the costs;
General supervision and coordination;
Definiation of the destination and preparation of logistics and hotel accommodation (conference venue and hotel)
– Selection and coordination of suppliers;
– Ideation of the social programme;
Pre-conference secretariat with computerized management of mailing, multilingual information and correspondence, hotel accommodation and hospitality, preparation of tourist guides and conference kit;
Administrative secretariat for budget, registration fees, exhibition space, papers, sponsors
Scientific secretariat for the collection of the abstracts, management of relations with speakers and chairmen;
Design, graphic videolayout and realization of programmes, folders, invitation cards, posters, billboards, badges, certificates of attendance;
Editing and printing of preliminary and final proceedings;
– Promotion and dissemination of the event through advertising spaces (press, TV, radio);
Setting up of conference venues, exhibitions spaces, poster session;
– Realization of poster designing and signage;
Conference secretariat with computerized registration of participants and service complete (personal computer with modem, laser printers, photocopying machine, fax machine);
Reception and assistance with multilingual hostesses and stewards;
Technical audio-recording equipment, conference system, simultaneous interpretation services, videowall and wide screens, audiovisuals, teleconferencing, videorecording, closed circuit TV, slides center;
AIIC interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation;
– Transfer service for speakers and participants by bus, mini-bus, official cars;
– Public relations with Authorities, Local Bodies and Professional Associations;
Sponsoring activities;
Press office activities;
– Restaurant and catering services: coffee break, cocktail, lunch, social and gala dinner.