An efficient instrument of communication.

Public Relations represent a powerful instrument of communication to enhance brands and corporate image, in addition to create consensus around bodies and firms in the target of reference.
Leader surveys corporate situations and their scenarios, it identifies and devises strategies, it chooses the most suitable communication tools to reach the communicative goals set by the customer.

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Our strategies

activity of external relations and organization of meetings with local officers, members of professional associations, parliamentary committees, decision making groups;

opinions polls;

implementation of social and cultural programs and initiatives targeting specific public opinion sectors;

– image design and coordination (by means of stands and other special initiatives) during conferences, fairs and exhibitions;

purchasing of advertising space from newspapers, television and radio broadcasters;

activities of press office;

creation of targeted mailing lists;

editing and diffusion of press releases;;

press meetings presenting events or products with mailing list, communiqués for the press, attendance registration;

organization of press meetings and interviews;

photo and television shootings;

press review, monitoring, final evaluation.